Line drawing of a trimaran similar to Maya

Any Way the Wind Blows

15th December 1975 - Favourable winds

We had a peaceful few days in San Sebastian, exploring the sleepy harbour and town. This morning though the wind changed. We restocked our Gofio and red wine supplies, plus some other odds and ends, and set sail. The sun is shining, the seas are not too rough, the wind could be better, but not much, so Gambia here we come.

16th December 1975 - They really do fly

I went on watch at midnight last night and was able to read by moonlight. It was the most incredible night, an almost cloudless sky, a bright moon and virtually no wind. That does not help our progress, but makes the night so peaceful and lovely that it does not matter. This afternoon I saw my first flying fish, I always thought they just leapt, but it flew for a good 50 yards whilst I was watching. An amazing sight.

17th December 1975 - Contrary winds

The trade winds are not being all they are cracked up to be. All night long we have had light, variable winds, more from the south than anywhere else, so progress is slow. Still, we live in hope that the winds might change and we might arrive in The Gambia by Christmas.

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