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Any Way the Wind Blows

12th April 1976 - South America

I have left Barbados and am now in Caracas, capital of Venezuela. I loved Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada. I didn’t really spend enough time on St. Vincent, but enjoyed the few days I had there. All four islands were lovely and seemed to have friendly, generous, interesting, and interested people. Barbados, I’m afraid had little of these things. There was some nice scenery and beaches, but it is much more developed, and because it is commercialised it does not have the same charm. On the plane on the way here I sat next to Francois, a Frenchman of about my age. He is planning on seeing some of South America so we are going to travel together for a little while.

Anne - I think we might skip Barbados on our travels then! The other islands are definite possibles or possible definites……….
Me - It was all 38 years ago so I am sure they are all more developed now. I doubt the others have overtaken Barbados though.


13th April 1976 - The South America Handbook

National Pantheon - Caracas
National Pantheon - Caracas
Francois and I went to explore the older part of Caracas today. On the edge of the old town is the National Pantheon. Built as a church but now a memorial and resting place for South America’s notable dead. Revolutionaries, warriors, poets and scientists are commemorated here. Various people had suggested a guide book essential for travellers in South and Central America and the Caribbean. I had already done all that I was going to of the Caribbean, but still thought it worth getting a copy. I found a bookshop that had shelves piled high with Spanish books, and a small number of English books. I had to ask the assistant and he had to climb a ladder, but I managed to get a current English copy of The South America Handbook. It is quite an expensive book, costing about five pounds. Hardback with 985 pages plus maps it has information on what to do and see in almost every town. It also tells you how to get from place to place and suggests where to stay and eat cheaply when you arrive. It is published every year so all the information is quite up to date, though it looks like there have been some price increases since it was published.

14th April 1976 - Heading west

Francois and I have decided to head for Cartagena in Columbia, a place which is supposed to be the nicest town in South America. Having decided to hitch-hike it took most of the day to get to Peurto Cabello, just over 130 miles. We took this as proof that hitch-hiking is not a very efficient method of travel here. From Peurto Cabello we got the bus to Barquisimeto, another 100 miles or so. Our next bus is very early tomorrow, so we will probably stay the night in the bus station.

15th April 1976 - Maracaibo

Another day on a bus. Roughy 200 miles to Maracaibo. Again our next bus is early in the morning, so another night in a bus station for us.

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