Line drawing of a trimaran similar to Maya

Any Way the Wind Blows

22nd November 1975 - At sea again

We spent the morning making final preparations, stowing everything, filling the water tanks, last minute provisioning including fresh bread, and then this afternoon we set sail.

Our destination this time is The Canary Islands, about 750 miles away. I think we are all happy to be underway again. We had a good break and a nice rest, but it was time to move on. Not least because of the police interest from yesterday.

As usual the wind is in the wrong direction, both from the point of view of the weather forecasters, and us, but there isn't much of it so we are having a nice easy ride.

The Canary Islands are the traditional last stop for transatlantic voyages, and that is our plan. A week or so there, make sure everything is ready, then head for the Caribbean.

23rd November 1975 - Favourable winds

We have covered 124 miles in 20 hours which isn't too bad going and the wind is from the right direction now so things are looking up.

After some discussion we think the policeman may have been looking for arms. He wasn't thorough enough to have found drugs, and with the civil unrest in the north that would seem likely.

24th November 1975 - Speed

310 miles in 42 hours, and about 350 to go.

We have been making some fantastic speeds today, 12 and 13 knots. Most mono-hull boats couldn't reach that speed let alone average it over an hour.

The wind increased through the day and eventually got a bit too strong, so we dropped the mainsail and with it some of our speed.

25th November 1975 - Rough seas and a temperamental stove

502 miles in 71 hours. Unfortunately the sea is just as rough as it has been for the last 2 days which makes life a bit monotonous. Most of the time is spent in the bunk as it is the only reasonably safe place, i.e. you donĂ­t fall out of it. People emerge for eating and going on watch.

The stove packed up again last night but started again this morning.

Helen - Has anyone been sea sick yet?
Me - I always feel sea sick at the start, but so far nothing worse!

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