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Any Way the Wind Blows

8th April 1976 - Little England

I finally made it to Barbados. The pilots decided to stop being on strike, but opted for a go slow instead. I got put on standby for a flight, and then settled down for a long wait. When the plane finally landed at St. Vincent it was like a stampede, but I managed to get a seat. As we flew in over Barbados the green patchwork of fields looked very English. Maybe one of the reasons the island has the nickname ‘Little England’. The strike made it impossible for me to complete my round trip within the time limit so I managed to get a refund on the Barbados to Trinidad part of my ticket. I will fly directly from here to Caracas in a few days.

9th April 1976 - YMCA

Cheapside - Barbados
Cheapside - Barbados
There is a feel of England about this place. There is even a road called Cheapside which I had to take a picture of. I fear that Barbados is going to knock rather a large hole in my money. It is much more commercialised that the other islands so casual encounters with Barbadians willing to offer a bed for the night are unlikely. Sleeping out is illegal and the advice is that it is also dangerous on this island. I am staying at the YMCA in Bridgetown which is costing me $15 (just over £4) and is the cheapest place I can find. That does include all meals so I shouldn’t have to pay anything else during my stay it I don’t want to.

10th April 1976 - Bridgetown

Houses of Parliament, Barbados
Houses of Parliament
Barbados Harbour
Barbados Harbour
Went out to explore Bridgetown today. I thought the Houses of Parliament and the harbour both deserved to be photographed.

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